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IT Service Management

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The right IT solution with ClimB-IT

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Facing enterprise growth and evolution

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Implementation of systems and hardware

You're looking for solutions

ClimB-IT is the ideal partner when you are a very small, small or medium business, and you are facing issues such as:

  • Your growth requires new IT solutions

  • You have no/limited knowledge or resources in IT

  • Your needs does not require you to hire a permanent IT employee

  • You need to delegate IT responsibility to a reliable IT specialist staff

Considering Your IT environment

Based on meticulous analysis of your company's procedures, we define the best IT strategy and policies adapted to your business management. According to these definitions, we implement the right IT services according to these definitions.

This approach takes into account key factors, such as:

  • Facing enterprise growth and evolution

  • Adhering to budget and increasing return on investment

  • Minimizing risk, estimating and identifying the risk consequences (to be taken or avoided)

  • Defining and implementing data integrity strategies and security policies adapted to your business

Ensuring following tasks for You

These are examples of roles that we cover:

  • Feasibility, cost analysis and assistance in IT supplies purchase

  • Implementation and configuration of your IT equipment: OS, hardware, utility systems, and software

  • Supporting and coaching you, and your staff, to take full control of implemented systems and hardware

  • Configuration, follow-up (control) of security policies, and accesses to IT resources

  • Ensuring interoperability of the various implemented software and equipment

  • Persistence and reliability: backup, time-backup, mirroring, and DRC (Disaster Recovery Center)

  • Software, remote applications and data hosting; databases and application servers administration